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MP Plastic Pipe is a company that commercializes a wide array of plastic products, from pipes to fittings and other accessories. Here you can easily find soil pipes, fittings, drainage pipes, polypropylene pipes, rainwater pipes, MDPE pipes and basically any plastic materials a professional DIY would need for various projects.

The ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) pipes are amongst the most sought-after products provided by MP Plastic Pipe, given their high resistance to chemicals and high temperatures - for this reason, they are commonly used in the construction industry and various other heavy-duty fields. The PVC pipes and fittings, on the other hand, are non-conductive and they are highly resistant to acid, they are lightweight and very cost-effective at the same time: moreover, this material is non-toxic and it can safely transport potable water.

The MDPE pipes and fittings are made from medium density polyethylene and they are very resistant to shocks and drops, they are non-toxic and they have no taste or odour - for this reason, the MDPE pipes are widely used for the distribution of gas as well as compressed air. MP Plastic Pipe also offers rainwater pipes made of materials of the highest quality, and these systems are especially designed to collect water quickly and efficiently. Given their increased efficiency, the rainwater pipes are commonly used for commercial as well as for agricultural applications - it is said that some advanced rainwater systems can provide up to 50% more water drainage.

The domestic and commercial rainwater pipe systems available in various colours such as black, white, brown anthracite grey and caramel, are designed for the purpose of efficiently collecting the rainwater in order to prevent it from damaging the structure of your building. The cast iron systems are both very affordable and durable in the long run, therefore if you are looking for durable piping systems that will look professional you should invest in the cast iron systems, and besides this they are already coated and ready to be installed.

Under the "Soil Pipe and Fittings" category of MP Plastic Pipe you can find two very popular soil systems: the push-fit system and the solvent weld system, the latter being designed exclusively for weld jointing. The wastewater pipe systems are designed for above-ground usage and they are very versatile, thus suitable for commercial, residential as well as for public applications. These systems are also available in a push-fit and in a solvent weld version.

Last, but not least, the underground drainage systems consist of sewer, drain and cable duct systems - these systems are available in socket form and in plain end, and they usually come with adjustable bends. The twin wall pipes and fittings are used in agriculture, land drainage, landfill drainage, ditch piping and so on - approved by the BBA, these pipes are mainly aimed at non-pressure applications.


All of our products have specifications readily available on the item descriptions or on request by calling us on 0333 456 6705 where our friendly sales team are always on call ready to help